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Customer service is something I am extremely passionate about. The way it is delivered can make or break your business but unfortunately in New Zealand it is something at which we still need a bit of practice.

You can attend all the courses in the world about customer service but if you don’t ‘feel the love’ it will be as effective as the fake smile painted on your face.

I subscribe to the adage that ‘the customer is always right’. However this sentiment often carries an undertone of sarcasm. The key to successful customer service is to believe it. The customer IS always right because they are prepared to spend their money with you.

When a customer walks through the doors of our beauty salon, whether she visits once a week, or once a year, or is just passing through I believe we have an obligation to show her 100 per cent respect. And when she leaves the salon we want her to feel appreciated for coming.

Many beauty treatments place women in a vulnerable position and we need to respect that. All beauty treatments are hands-on which makes it very personal and we need to remember that a client has chosen to place her trust in us. Like a visit to the doctor, it is important that her dignity is preserved and privacy maintained.

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