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As the debate grows over regulation of the beauty industry, I would like to put a challenge out to beauty salon owners to self-regulate – in short, to set their own high standards and exceed them.

Much like medical physicians take the Hippocratic Oath, beauty therapists have a duty of care to their clients.

However, the beauty industry in New Zealand, and in fact around the world, is largely unregulated. At present anyone can set themselves up as a beauty therapist at home or open a beauty salon with little or no training.

As more and more horror stories come to light of unsafe and unhygienic practices, the onus is on salons to keep their clients both safe and satisfied.

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Practicing good hygiene is the only sure way to safeguard against dangerous infections and transmittable diseases.

Those using beauty salons should demand a high level of service, as it is this demand that will ultimately drive the change that is needed in some establishments.

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